Sabhi Kuch Lutakar (Singer – Mohd Rafi, Movie Indrani, 1958)

As I rummaged through my old cassette collection some months ago, I heard this romantic Mohd Rafi song that I used to like very much but had forgotten over the years.

The song was: Sabhi Kuch Luta Kar Huye Hum Tumhare, Ki Hai Jeet Uski Jo Dil Aaj Haare.

My pre-recorded cassette had no details about this song other than the name of the singer. A little bit of googling and to my surprise, this wonderful romantic Hindi number was from an old Bengali film, Indrani (1958). The music is by Nachiketa Ghosh. Does anyone know who wrote this song?

The movie starred the golden couple of Bengali cinema – a very charming Uttam Kumar and the gorgeous Suchitra Sen. It is picturised on an unknown face (I dont know who it is – but then I know nothing about Bengali cinema). This man (a vagabond?) is strumming a guitar and singing this song. He is watched by Kumar and Sen – a just married couple – standing outside in the veranda of their house. Interspersed with Bengali dialogues, the mood of the song is indeed very romantic.

Though the one thing I couldn’t get is why is this stranger walking in the middle of nowhere strumming a guitar next to this single house? And why on earth is this just-married couple (in their wedding attire still) standing in the veranda – in the middle of the night? Havent watched this movie – so may be the vagabondish stranger has a deeper purpose than just to mouth this beautiful Hindi song?

But well… Suchitra Sen looks absolutely lovely and the song is enchanting.

6 thoughts on “Sabhi Kuch Lutakar (Singer – Mohd Rafi, Movie Indrani, 1958)

  1. Hilariously, the fact that a Hindi song and a random vagabond happen just to be strolling next to a newly married Bengali couple’s veranda makes just as little sense in context of the film. However, I enjoyed it, and it was a nice way of picturizing the main couple’s separation from their past life, and their social group (they have just married and run off in defiance of their families’ wishes). All of Indrani’s songs are excellent, perhaps better than the actual script. It’s one of my favorite commercial Bengali film soundtracks.


    1. Thanks, Miranda! Aah – so they have run away and gotten married. Interesting, I know nothing about Bengali cinema but love this song and must admit Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen look lovely. Will listen to the other songs of the movie as well. Cheers, Harini

  2. You have a lovely blog.. Surprising that i didn’t knew about it… Khair koi na der aye par durust aye.. Btw as far as i know, the lyricist is shailendra, the legendary shailendra. 🙂

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