Sau Baar Janam Lenge (Ustadon Ke Ustad, 1963)

There is a certain joy in listening to forgotten favourites in unexpected places – irrespective of the fact that the song is present in my current playlist.  I experienced this pleasure earlier, when on the road, earlier today. One of the radio stations was playing this haunting, melodious number from Ustadon Ke Ustad (1963).

Sau Baar Janam Lenge is one of my personal favourite Mohd Rafi numbers. Composed by Ravi, it is a sweet song with an other-worldly feel – listen to the lyrics (by Asad Bhopali), the way it has been sung and it’s picturisation.


The “dead” lover is singing to a distraught Shakila and is asking her to be hopeful….”Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Sau Baar Fanaa Honge, Aye Jaanewafa phir bhi Hum Tum Na juda honge”  There is no one in the vicinity – near the waterfalls or beyond it. Shakila recognises his voice and looks around frantically but fails to spot him. Pradeep Kumar makes an appearance right at the end of the song when he comes and gently taps her on her shoulder. The shock on her face is worth noting – the man she considered to be dead is hale and hearty!

Ustadon Ke Ustad is a 1963 film starring Ashok Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Shakila. I have not watched this movie for some reason. Even though, am very fond of some of the other songs.  And then there is Shakila – an actress I am very fond of – pretty, perky and very likeable! This happens to be Shakila’s last movie as she got married and moved to UK after this.

Besides this song, Ustadon Ke Ustad has a beautiful Asha solo, Raat Chup Hai, Chandni Madhosh Hai…


Shakila looks so very pretty and Asha sings it beautifully!

There is also a lilting qawwali sung by Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey, Milte Hai Nazar Tum Se, Hum Ho Gaye Deewane..An interesting bit about this number is that it featured Shakila Bano Bhopali, one of the most famous women qawwali singers, who died in March 2012.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 17.28.41

It is surprising that while she had a role in the movie and enacted this song on screen, the playback is by Asha Bhosle.

Ustadon Ke Ustad was remade in Tamil as Vallavanukku Vallavan (1965). The music of the Tamil movie is interesting as the music director, Veda, lifted several Hindi tunes for his score.

Listen to Manam Ennum Medai sung by T.M. Soundararajan and P. Susheela – it is a direct copy of the Rafi-Lata duet from Jab Pyar Kisi se Hota Hai (1961) – Sau Saal Pehle Mujhe Tum Se Pyaar Thha

Sau Baar Janam Lenge is rehashed as Orayiram Parvayile, down to the picturisation!

TMS sings well but not as well as Mohd Rafi, who is absolutely magical imo!

Paaradi kanne thangam paithiyamaanathu Nenjam, is a lift of Milte Hi Nazar Tumse and is probably the first qawwali in Tamil films… very interesting!

Thanks to the radio channel playing Sau Baar Janam Lenge, I got to listen to that and Raat Chup Hai, Chandni… so an afternoon well spent!



3 thoughts on “Sau Baar Janam Lenge (Ustadon Ke Ustad, 1963)

  1. Odd that Shakila Bano Bhopali’s voice was not used. She was very popular around this time.

    Ustadon ke Ustaad is a passable film. The songs, as you know already, are nice.

  2. Okay, I see Ava has mentioned that Ustaadon ke Ustaad was only a passable film. I have long wanted to see it (because of Sau baar janam lenge), but have never been able to get hold of it, not even on Induna. Now perhaps I won’t even try any more!

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