Kindle – my new best friend

I have spent the last 30 mins trying to customize the look of this page… Ofcourse, am still not satisfied but lest this distract me from my resolve to blog seriously, stopped this activity!

 This post is all about my new best friend the Kindle. The Kindle was an impulse purchase last year (as are most of my buys!) But thankfully, it has not been relegated to a one of the many cupboards in the house, subject to anonymity! Not being an early adopter usually, I used to think at one point of time that nothing can ever replace a printed book – the smell, the touch everything. Much to my surprise, the Kindle  has become   a close and trusted companion on various travels (ranging from trips to the local market to vacation destinations). I havent bought a printed book the last year – and that is an achievement; opting instead for the e-book.

One major contributor to the Kindle becoming an eternal companion in my bag has been a tool called Calibre that helps convert e-books in other formats to the .mobi format that Kindle supports. Oh such joy, this discovery has been 🙂 So now besides painfully searching for Kindle books on Amazon, I spend time surfing the numerous e-book websites for a good read!! Which is much better (or so I would like to believe) than spending time on various online shopping sites scouting for bags and clothes!

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