7 thoughts on “Back after a long hiatus!

  1. I have come to this post after having read thru each of the previous posts to the date.

    You do have a very compelling view for a song, and that does make re-capturing that song with my own views thereon.

    For the present, I have taken note of these posts for the blog carnival that I maintain on a monthly basis – in English as well as in Gujarati. I will include these posts in October 2014 edition, which wil appear on my respective blogs on 26th and 31st of October.
    I will post the links on this comment at that time.
    Looking forward to more every month……for a long long time to come….

      1. Amateurs we all are.
        That puts birds of the same feather on one nest ( as a cliche goes)….
        Well, that was just on the lighter side.
        More importantly, we do find a very fresh perspective to our common likings in our shared thoughts…
        So a network of people with common interests and uncommon perspectives makes the combination far more live.

      2. True, A network of people with common interests and different perspectives (based on our varied life experiences) does make the combination much more live and interesting. Thank you once again 🙂

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